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General information
High-frequency electric knife (high-frequency surgical instrument) is an electrosurgical instrument that replaces mechanical scalpels for tissue cutting. It uses the high-frequency high-voltage current generated by the effective electrode tip to heat the tissue when it comes into contact with the body to achieve the separation and coagulation of the body tissue, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting and hemostasis.
The high frequency electrosurgical unit is composed of the main unit and the electrosurgical knife holder, patient plate, bipolar forceps, foot switch and other accessories
It has high performance neutral electrode contact inspection system, which can detect electrode contact area, and system will test and evaluate the effective contact area between electrode and derma, if the contact area was found low to a danger level, system will automatic cutout and gives alarm indication.
High definition large LED indication, with audio & visual indication.
Main unit has automatic monitoring function and mistake indication function
Technical parameters:
1. Ambient temp. range: 5潞C锝?0 潞C
2. Relative Humidity Range: 鈮?0
3. Atmospheric Pressure Range: 86.0锝?06.0kpa
4. Power: 220V卤22V, 50Hz卤1
5. Operating Freq: 330锝?60kHz;
6. Rated Power: 1100VA卤10%
7. Type: CF
8. Power Consumption: 鈮?100VA (Cut function 400W)
Nine output modes:
a) Cut: 400W
b) Blend 1: 250W
c) Blend 2: 200W
d) Blend 3: 150W
e) Electro Coag 1: 150W
f) Electro Coag 2: 120W
g) Electro Coag 3: 100W
h) Bipolar Coag 1: 70W
i) Bipolar Coag 2: 70W
j) Power: 220V卤22V,50Hz卤1Hz
Cut: Pure cut, can make easy operation for any organic, the effect is refine cut, no escharosis on the surface.
Blend 1: The effect is cut with coagulation, Can use this function together with Endoscope.
Blend 2: The effect is offering a better coagulation during cut, Can use this function together with Argon.
Electro Coag 1: Called strength electrocoagulation, or called surface coagulation, for a deep coagulation layer for organic, small effect area, Can use this function together with Endoscope..
Electro Coag2: Called spray electrocoagulation, offers effective non-contact coagulation, Can use this function together with Argon.
Bipolar Coag 1: Called rapid Bipolar coagulation, to provide coagulation function rapidly at boot, which can reduce mis-operation rate during operation.
Argon: Dual Argon airflow adjustament, accuracy: 0.1 L/min;
Argon pressure range: 0.20 ~ 0.50 Mpa.
Endoscope Interface
Our Electrosurgical unit has micro interface for endoscope, adopts independent intelligent control technology, which can adjust the working mode for this device to be most matching endoscope for minimally invasive surgery.
Size: 435*395*140mm
Weight: 8Kg,12Kg.
Packing size: 510*460*320mm
Company information
Advance Medical is a professional supplier of electrosurgical unit cautery machine, ICU patient monitors, ECG machines, syringe pump, infusion pumps, etc. All products in market could also be modified according to the different requirements of clients. The company sincerely welcomes any forms of OEM or ODM.
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